Local dealership prepares for rush of people with recalled cars

Local dealership prepares for rush of people with recalled cars

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. - Congress is demanding answers from the new CEO of General Motors about why it took 10 years to recall cars with a defective part that's now linked to 13 deaths. Mary Barra vowed to find out what happened and promised to be "fully transparent" when the company has answers.

Coachella Valley dealerships are getting ready for a rush of people wanting to get their cars repaired.

"Our inbound phone calls have been doubled since the recall has been announced," said Dan Jessup, general manager of Jessup Auto Plaza.

GM recelled 2.6 million small car models that have a faulty ignition switch, which can cause the engine to stall, and the driver to lose power steering and braking.

Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City says safety is its dealership's number one concern. It's already mailed out postcards letting customers know how to proceed with the recall.

The company says new ignition switches should be available starting april 7th.

"We invite the customers to call us, give us their vehicle's information, and contact information, let us get the parts ordered and the process started. So when the parts are released they're first in line to get their cars fixed," said Jessup.

Jessup said your car is safe to drive if you remove all other keys from your key ring. However, concerned owners can ask dealers for a loaner car while they wait for the replacement part.

"If you feel you're unsafe or you would not like to drive your car, General Motors will pay for a loaner car for you to drive until your car is fixed," said Jessup.

Customers should call Jessup Auto Plaza as soon possible to make an appointment at  760-328-9999 (68111 E Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City).

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