Local Congressman tours Loma Linda V.A.

Dr. Ruiz says he's dedicated to finding solutions

ruiz on va

Loma Linda - A long awaited Inspector General's report on the Department of Veterans Affairs is out and it finds there's no proof that any veteran died due to delays in care at the Phoenix V.A. Hospital.

Whistle blowers had maintained that veterans had died because of wait times of more than 100 days to see a doctor at the facility.

This week, News Channel 3 is taking a look at the care at the Loma Linda Veterans Affairs hospital.  Rep. Dr. Raul Rauiz, 36th District, recently toured the hospital and News Channel 3 was invited to observe.

John White was able to talk with the Congressman after the tour about his role on the Veterans Affairs Committee, who he thinks is to blame for the problems that surfaced this year, and what should be done to fix the problems.

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