LifeStream announces upcoming blood drives

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - Officials with LifeStream have announced four upcoming blood drives happening around the Coachella Valley in September.

Officials listed the following information for those interested in donating blood:

Healthy individuals at least 15 years of age may donate blood. Fifteen and 16-year-olds must provide LifeStream with written parental consent.  Parent consent forms are available at any donor center, community blood drive or at www.LStream.org. All prospective donors should be free of infections or illness, weigh at least 110 pounds, and not be at risk for AIDS or hepatitis.  Donors receive a free mini-physical as part of the donation process. Donating blood takes about an hour, yet gives someone a lifetime. For more information, please call 1-800-TRY GIVING. Join the LifeStream volunteer team and make a lifesaving difference! For information, call 1.800.879.4484, ext. 458.

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