Layoffs averted for Coachella Valley Unified School District

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - The 81 classified layoffs that were scheduled to take effect on August 1st for the Coachella Valley Unified School District have been averted, according to a release from school district officials.

The Board of Trustees and Superintendent Darryl Adams were pleased to make the announcement on Thursday.

Officials said the reversal of these layoffs was made possible due to extensive efforts and the collaboration of CSEA Local Chapter #109, district leadership, the superintendent and the Board of Trustees.

The school district wants to thank the classified employees for their patience and understanding during the difficult process. Officials said certificated teacher layoffs have been reduced from 56 to 8 with district administration working to decrease that number to zero as soon as possible.

Position Number of Employees in Group Reinstated:

  • Athletic Equipment Monitor 4
  • Communications Data Specialist 1
  • Instructional Media Technician 19
  • Instructional Resource Technician 1
  • Mechanic III 1
  • Migrant Staff Secretary 1
  • Office Assistant III 19
  • Paraeducator Early Childhood 8
  • Preschool Social Service Parent Involvement Aide 1
  • Project Data Technician 18
  • Recycling & Resource Conservation Analyst 1
  • Registrar 1
  • School Secretary 1
  • Staff Secretary 1
  • Testing Center Technician 2
  • Utility Transportation 2

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