Layer of ash affecting Valley neighbors

LA QUINTA, Calif. - Karen Piper spent more than an hour hosing down her driveway.

"The ash, it looked like someone dumped a thousand cigarette ashtrays. It was just heavy," Piper said. 

Her backyard looks no different.  

"I'm an asthmatic, so probably the smartest thing wouldn't be to be out here. I stayed in yesterday, but today I had to clean it up because you open the door and it wafts in," Piper said. 

Karen joins most people in the valley dealing with the ash covering the desert.

"It's on my car, on my driveway. It's out there," Karen Minnich said. 

Not only is the ash a pain to clean up, it's also making it hard for people to breathe. 

"It is dangerous if you're out in it. I just go mainly from house to car. My husband is out in it, though he works on the golf course," Minnich said. 

Back at Karen's home, she hopes to get in ASAP, but she can't stand the mess. 

"So I've cleaned the front up but I still have the back," she said. 

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