Law enforcement sweep targets sex offenders

Authorities working to ensure parolees and probationers are in full compliance as required by law

PALM DESERT, Calif. - A sex offender law enforcement sweep found two people unregistered and another out of compliance who will now face criminal charges.

The Riverside County Sheriffs Department conducted Wednesday's operation throughout the Coachella Valley primarily hoping to verify address information provided by registrants themselves and make sure sex offenders were in full compliance of the law.

Deputies from the Thermal and Palm Desert stations conducted nine compliance checks, searching two residences. 

A department release stated two sex registrants were located and registered. 

Another was out of compliance and arrested.

California requires people convicted of certain sex related crimes, to register with local law enforcement in the city or county where they live.

The department said Wednesday's operation was also intended to impress upon the registrants of the need to keep their registration records current, while reminding them they are being monitored by law enforcement.

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