Latino Books Y Mas Closing

Page Turns in Bookstore Struggle with Wessman Development

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -    After 10 years in the Coachella Valley, Latino Books Y Mas is closing it's doors, in downtown Palm Springs.
   Their battle with Wessman Development ended Monday, after a judge's decision monday, to evict what many people call the last independent bookstore in the desert.
     Ramirez has 20 days to liquidate his 20,000 item inventory and move out.
     He tells us he's looking into the possibility of an appeal, but he is ready to move on.
     Ramirez says, "This chapter of our lives is ending for now. It's not over yet, believe me. But for now, this chapter is closing.  
     In the meantime, Ramirez invites everyone to come downtown, to buy books and art, marked between 20 and 50-percent off.

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