La Quinta animal hospital offering reward for return of vandalized statue

The statue ripped from concrete base, dragged by a vehicle last Friday

LA QUINTA, Calif. - The Village Park Animal Hospital in La Quinta is offering a reward for anyone with information on a missing piece of a statue vandalized from the facility.

The statue of a steel dog with a fire hydrant was ripped from its concrete base and dragged by a vehicle last Friday during the opening weekend of the new facility along 51230 Eisenhower Drive.

The hospital says the body of the sculpture was found but not the head.

Dr. Kathryn Carlson established Village Park in the La Quinta cove in 1998, and just last year completed construction and moved into the new facility along Eisenhower Drive.

"This piece of artwork has such a huge sentimental value, it is almost as old as my practice. I'm sincerely hoping someone will help us put our statue back together and back in its place, bringing smiles to our clients at every visit." said Carlson.

Dr. Carlson is offering $250 as a reward for the return of the missing piece of the statue, with no questions asked.

If you have any information call Village Park at (760)-564-3833, or the La Quinta Police Department.

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