Kids learn how to play golf at Humana Junior Golf Clinic

Kids learn how to play golf at Humana Junior Golf Clinic

LA QUINTA, Calif. - "I line it up, look at my target a couple times and I just swing," said 10-year-old Ryln Hadley of his golf swing.

Hadley and more than 150 valley kids teed up for a free Junior Golf Clinic at the Humana Challenge.

"They're getting excited. The game is kind of gearing toward them more now, because we're getting younger people out on tour now," said Steve Thorstensen, a golf instructor with the PGA. 

But before you can shoot a 63 like 23-year-old Humana champion Patrick Reed, you have to learn the basics.

That's why Humana partnered with Powerbilt and the First Tee of the Coachella Valley to offer these lessons to aspiring young golfers. 

"We start with posture, stance, and grip. Just get them to learn how to stand with the club, hold onto the club, and just start moving the thing," Thorstensen said.

Ten-year-old Lily Schenk wanted to work on her follow-through.  

"This is my golf swing and I wasn't going enough, I was just going here instead of going up," Schenk said, demonstrating her swing. 

The kids' ages range from 5 to 14 and while some have never picked up a golf club before, others are already avid golfers.

"How often do you take lessons?" 

"Three times a week," Hadley said. 

Hadley has been golfing for as long as he can remember. He hopes to one day be a professional golfer competing in the Humana Challenge, and all that practice seems to be paying off.

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