Kid costume with a sexy name upsets some parents

"I just don't think toddler costumes should be labeled that."

PALM DESERT, Calif. - It would take a pretty outrageous costume to shock Lynn Abdelnour, owner of Halloween Gear.  We found one. 

"I just don't think toddler costumes should be labeled that. That would bother me as a parent," Abdelnour said. 

There's a costume sold at Walmart for little girls, called a Naughty Leopard. We showed moms the picture - one was more shocked than the next.  

"I don't think that's what Halloween is all about. It's about costumes and having fun and it should be sweeter. It's for little kids," Lynn Shipper said. 

The costume itself is nothing to gripe about.

"It's not the costume it's the name," Shipper said. 

We went to Spirit Halloween in Palm Desert to see what their kids costumes are like. They have names like Cuddly Lion, Darling Devil, or Mini Monster. Same with Halloween Gear in Rancho Mirage, full of adorable kids costumes. Abdelnour worked hard to get it that way.

"Some of the junior costumes are a little bit longer. They show the models with tights or fishnets," Abdelnour said. 

We contacted Walmart, who gave us this statement. "It is never our intention to offend anyone and we apologize to any customers who may have been offended by the name of the costume."

"Just fun, cute, not sexual. They're kids. It's not about sex," Shipper added. 

Clearly, sex doesn't always sell.

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