James Oudin's son speaks out about murder case

Interview with James Oudin's son

INDIO, Calif. - Jason Oudin hopes the jury in his father's trial will ask a simple question of themselves, "Who would really want to kill their sister?"

James Oudin and Wesley Gibbs Jr. face murder and conspiracy charges in the killing of 70-year-old Judy Munson.  Her body was found in her La Quinta home on June 11, 2011, a day after her death.  Investigators initially thought she had slipped and fallen. 

Jason Oudin believes the police missed something in their investigation. 

"You know, they haven't really done an investigation on anybody but someone they think had the motive of inheriting a lot of money," said Oudin.

Munson owned two successful cleaning businesses.  However, Jason Oudin says, his father would not have received the money.  Instead, it would have been put into a trust.  Oudin doesn't believe that's enough for a motive for murder.

"I wouldn't kill my brother or sister for a house, it doesn't make sense."

A detective testified Munson died after being hit in the head with a hammer--a weapon they never found.  Oudin says his father is innocent, and police should look elsewhere for another suspect.

"My aunt was married to someone a long time ago," said Oudin.  "They recently started dating five years ago. He's been married 30 years in the meantime. To me, there's a lot of jealous wives out there that don't like their husbands cheating."

The case could wrap up as early as this week, and Jason Oudin is hopeful about the outcome.

"In the trial, it seems like certain things have come out, and it's looking positive for us," he said.

Closing arguments are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

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