Indio Police Department seeks donations for K-9 unit

Indio Police Department seeks donations for K-9 unit

INDIO, Calif. - Mikey and Zeus are two of Indio Police Department's most important crime stoppers.  But this K-9 unit is one dog short.  

"Police service dog Eddy, his handler recently got promoted which sent Eddy into retirement so we're looking to replace him," said Indio Police Officer Austin Studer. 

The agency asked for donations from the public to help them buy another highly-trained police dog.  It will learn to perform patrols and to bite and hold on command.  

"He works with his nose. If we have a suspect who fled from a house, maybe burglarized a house, he can track them down.  He aids us in taking down bad guys," Studer said.

Mikey is an English lab trained in finding narcotics and firearms.  These dogs cost $18,000 but they're a crucial part of the law enforcement team. 

"It's a force multiplier. He does the work of 10-15 police officers" Studer said. 

"It seems like they've been a very valuable asset, from the stories I've read about it," said Marian Stahl, who donated money for the new police dog.

Police dogs serve around five years and the German shephard is one of the most popular breeds.

Generous donors like Darrell Mike, who Mikey is named after, make it possible for these four-legged detectives to keep our cities safe. 

"They're very important because they clean up the streets, help the school stay clear of drugs," Mike said. 

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