Indio High School on tight schedule to repair flood damage

New school year begins Tuesday

INDIO, Calif. - With the new school year set to begin Tuesday, Indio High School is trying to beat the clock to repair flood damage caused by Sunday's storm.

The sand bags around the administration building tell the story.  Six inches of water backed up into the school's courtyard flooded offices in the administration building and 27 classrooms.  Dryers and fans are being used to prevent mold from developing in the walls. 

Due to the damage, the school went into a holding pattern and had to condense its schedule for students to pick up their textbooks and class schedules for the new school year.

"We closed the campus completely down Monday and Tuesday," said Indio High School Principal Rudy Ramirez.  "Now in two days, Thursday and Friday, a thousand students one day, a thousand students the next day will be picking up schedules.  It's kind of a hassle, yes."

Teachers assigned to the 27 classrooms that were flooded won't have access to the rooms until the first day of class.  Nonetheless, school officials want students to know classes at the school are still scheduled to begin at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

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