IID: Power restored to 4,000 people in Bermuda Dunes and La Quinta who lost power

BERMUDA DUNES, Calif. - Imperial Irrigation District tells us a substation failed at 8 p.m. Saturday night leaving 4,000 customers in north La Quinta and Bermuda Dunes in the dark.  Power was restored at 10:30 p.m.

The failure centered around Westward Ho and Adams street.

The Imperial Irrigation District says it is still too early to know why the substation failed but crews are looking into the possibility of wind being a factor in this outage. 

Several businesses were also affected including two banks, Ralph's and Walgreens off of Washington and Avenue 52.   Police officers responded to intersections affected to direct traffic.

By 8:45 power was restored to 1,800 customers leaving about 2,200 without power for about two hours.  IID says if you still have no power check your main breaker and call 800-303-7756

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