I 15 Now Open After Big Rig Wreck Closes All Lanes

Big rig wreck slows road to Vegas

PALM DESERT, Calif. - The ride to Las Vegas is improving Friday after a big rig semi flipped over in the median at the Nevada state line. All lanes were opened just after 1 pm.  A big rig wreck is slowed motorists driving to Las Vegas Friday from the Coachella valley and Los Angeles.

I-15 was shut down in both directions at the Nevada state line Friday morning after a big rig tanker truck flipped over in the center median.

Caltrans says the truck spilled fuel and Ferric chloride, a corrosive chemical often used in treating sewage water also drinking water.

All traffic lanes were closed for a time, and traffic brought to a stand still.

Motorists who drive the back road through Twentynine Palms will also face delays in the wreck area.   Amboy Road routes motorists back onto the interstate before the area where crews are working on the wreck.

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