House approves compromised farm bill

Congressman Ruiz votes no along with 102 other Dems

WASHINGTON - The House has approved a compromised five-year farm bill.

The measure would end direct payment to farmers in favor of crop insurance. It would also head off a potential spike in milk prices and cut $8 billion from the food stamp program.

The bill, which was negotiated for months by bipartisan lawmakers in both chambers, is expected to be taken up soon by the Senate.

Local Congressman Raul Ruiz voted no on the bill, along with 102 other Democrats.

"We have a food insecurity crisis in the Coachella Valley - one out of four children go to bed hungry. This farm bill cut over $8 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) taking food off the table of nearly 300,000 hardworking families across Riverside County who are barely making ends meet," Ruiz said.
"I am working with and advocating for farmers on issues that matter most to them like passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform that will boost agriculture output and exports by providing farmers with access to the stable workforce they need," said Ruiz.

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