Hostages killed, dozens more wounded in Algerian attack

Islamists say the Algerians opened fire as the militants tried to leave a gas plant with their hostages.

ALGIERS, Algeria. - Algerian state television says four foreigners, two Britons and two Filipinos were killed in the operation by Algerian forces to liberate hostages held by militants in a remote natural gas complex.
Citing a hospital, the report also said Thursday that 13 people were wounded, including seven foreigners.
The kidnappers holding the hostages had earlier said that at least 35 foreigners and 15 militants were killed in the Algerian operation at the natural gas plant in the Sahara Desert.
Several world leaders have expressed unease at the reports of heavy casualties following the Algerian operation to free the hostages.
Al-Qaida-linked militants seized the Ain Amenas installation on Wednesday taking local and foreign workers hostage and sparking a tense standoff.

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