Hollywood preps for Oscar Sunday

86th annual Academy Awards

Red Carpet

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - The countdown is on for Oscar Sunday and preparation is well underway for Hollywood's biggest night.

News Channel 3 & CBS Local 2 reporter Bianca Rae is live in Los Angeles this weekend to bring you all the action from the Red Carpet. But long before the stars align for the big day, there's a ton of setup required for the main event.

Fan come from near and very far away for a chance to walk on the famous Red Carpet. Some people we spoke with are visiting from overseas.

"When we're at home in England on Sunday, we will say we have been here."

"It's very exciting, I look down and I'm like, 'I'm on the Red Carpet!'"

Even with the Red Carpet covered by a tarp for the pregame, many people are still mesmerized by the preparation.

And in three days, celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt will walk the same carpet and chat with media before making their entrance to the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

Live coverage of the Oscars begins Sunday at 4 p.m. on ABC.

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