Heat make some snowbirds leave the desert early

Heat make some snowbirds leave the desert early

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. - Snowbirds come to the valley for the sun.

"I've never seen a winter this warm. Typically where I am, in Indian Wells, most of my people are not full time residents. I've never seem so many lights on at night. So many people on their patios, so many people here," realtor Sherry Owens said.

Now the sun's heat is making some of them leave.

"I was planning on staying about a month, but it's hotter than hell," Ben Adelson said.

Maybe it's not that hot yet, but visitors have an idea in mind when they pick destination Palm Springs. 

Snowbirds think if we saw 90's in the winter that means even warmer temperatures in the spring.

"We're going to hit the 90's, this is uncomfortable, but I do see them already packing up," Owens said.

"It's a little uncomfortable. You either have to be in the pool or have mist on you. If you're just standing outside, it gets stifling," Adelson said.

Yet other snowbirds say the wicked winter storms in the Midwest mean more visitors to the desert.

"We've had guests every single month, sometimes two times a month, we kind of feel like we are running a bed and breakfast!" Judy Stone said.

"Some are leaving early because the weather is getting warm. But it also depends on where they live. If they're getting snow tomorrow they will rethink that," Owens said.

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