Group raises millions for Coachella Valley cancer patients

BIGHORN BAM (Behind a Miracle) has raised over $4.5M in past 7 years

PALM DESERT, Calif. - A local group associated with Bighorn Golf Club in Palm Desert has been working to save the lives of Coachella Valley cancer patients.

The members of BIGHORN Behind a Miracle (BAM), said they've raised over $1M this week through 'A Night of Miracles, Cash for Caddies and Golf Tournament'.

The group was started by Selby Dunham, who survived breast cancer nine years ago. She said she wanted to give back to the hospital and community she loves so much.

In the past seven years, BIGHORN BAM has raised over $4.5M for cancer patient services, breast cancer diagnostic technologies and educational scholarships.

"BIGHORN Behind a Miracle has proven to be exactly that, a true miracle," said Dunham. "We are so proud to keep this money in the desert and benefit Eisenhower's first-class facility as well as the genuine efforts The Pendleton Foundation exhibits with cancer patients who are truly in need of food, money for rent or gas to drive to treatments."

The organization is donating $900,000 to Eisenhower this year. It said the money will support a Giotto Mammography machine, allowing patients additional comfort and ease during biopsies in the new BIGHORN BAM Procedure suite.

The donation will also help with a year of round-trip transportation services for patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments who would normally rely on public transportation, according to a release from BIGHORN BAM.

An extra $150,000 will go to The Pendleton Foundation to help cancer patients relieve some of the financial burdens while affording treatments.

Michael Landes, president of the Eisenhower Foundation, said, "BIGHORN BAM has transformed breast care at Eisenhower by providing funding to maintain the latest diagnostic capabilities."

He also stated that 25,000 patients are treated for breast care at the facility annually, and each one of them comes in contact with technology provided by BAM.

"The generosity of the BIGHORN members, their guests and friends is truly extraordinary. Without the enthusiasm and energy of so many volunteers and committee members, none of this would have been possible," said Selby Dunham.

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