Gold's Gym to reimburse members for thousands in faulty membership charges

Gold's Gym: Computer glitch overcharges members hundreds, some thousands

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Police officers turned out to Gold's Gym in Palm Springs to regulate the many irate gym members who crowded the lobby Tuesday, some of them with mysterious membership charges ranging from $900 to more than $8,000.

Gym manager Brenda Olsen and employees of the Palm Springs site said it was not only their location that was affected but potentially all of the locations, blaming the issue on a computer glitch in the franchise's third party billing system.

"For just my account, $4,268. For my husband, it charged $3,783," said Ana Montano, of Desert Hot Springs.

We received many calls into our newsroom and people reached out to us over through social media in search of answers.

Amparo Arias, of Cathedral City, said, "I was charged $970 for my Gold's membership."

Many members questioned whether the system was hacked, but the gym assured that the money was not stolen and that customers could expect to automatically be reimbursed by 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

While the gym works to resolve the problem, some customers warn the cost of the dilemma is not worth the work out.

"$2,910 they charged me. Tell me if I should be mad? I'm livid that they charged so much money," said John Veshak, of Palm Springs.

"I was like did I pay for everyone at the gym? Did I remodel it?" said Montano.

Gold's Gym encourages all of its customers to check their bank accounts.

Again, members who were affected are expected to be reimbursed by Wednesday. For any issues, call Gold's Gym 1-800-693-3948.

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