Go Red For Women

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - For the first time ever, Forever Marilyn wears red in Palm Springs. 

"She is such an icon of femininity and womanhood, and the great thing is to use that famous person and really carry forward a movement for women around health," Dr. Jeralyn Brossfield from Eisenhower Wellness Institute said. 

It's in celebration of the 10th birthday of the ‘Go Red For Women' campaign this February. 

"We know heart disease still is the number one killer of women, and bringing awareness to that is wonderful," Dr. Brossfield said.

At the Women Leaders Forum luncheon, we talked to women about the importance of keeping our eyes on red this month - and always.  

"The color red is certainly one that gets lots of attention. From a shallow fashion point of view, it is the color that makes you hungry and gets a lot of attention. I hope everyone pays attention to it," Susan Stein of El Paseo fashion Week said. 

"It's a great way to promote fighting heart disease and raises awareness. I expect a lot of people will be there and maybe start thinking about what they can do prevent heart disease," Amy Blaisdell from the City of Palm Springs said. 

You must know the signs. 

"Sometimes we are a little more unusual in our symptoms of heart attack, such as heavy sweat, chest pressure, or sense of doom if that's unusual to them," Dr. Brossfield said. 

You can wear red shirts, of course - or get even more into the campaign.

"I have a girlfriend who just died her hair red. I know girls who are doing red toe nails, lipstick, whatever we can glam up we do," Dr. Brossfield said.

37% are losing weight

43% are checking their cholesterol

more than 50% exercise more

60% have improved their diets

33% have developed heart health plans with their doctor.

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