Get out and vote Coachella Valley

Get out and vote Coachella Valley

COACHELLA, Calif. - People of all ages joined non-partisan volunteers for a voter campaign during the Primary Election. The group stood outside Coachella City Hall Tuesday to canvas the town and encourage Hispanic, low-income or underrepresented neighbors to get out and vote.

It was organized by the California Partnership, Building Healthy Communities - Eastern Coachella Valley, Communities for a New California and Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest.
"We want to get our young voters and seniors and all people we know in this area to get them involved in voting," said Alma Diarte, 22, of Communities for a New California.

"You've got to vote to support the people you care for," said Joe Yanez, of Coachella.

There was a light voter turnout in Palm Desert and Coachella, but consistent. The California Partnership said of every 10 people who are eligible to vote in the eastern Coachella Valley, only 2 are registered and only 1 of them will actually vote.

"They really only remember presidential elections every four years," said Maribel Nunez, of California Partnership.

Representatives from Building Healthy Communities said every vote and election counts.    

"For me what's important is what's happening at the local level. Those positions are the ones that have the most say of what we see in day to day life," said Silvia Paz.

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