Gas stations bracing for switch to winter blend

Switch should bring down gas prices

LA QUINTA, Calif. - Bad news at the gas pump where we're seeing a rare post-Labor Day jump in gas prices.

In Riverside and San Bernardino counties the average price for a gallon of regular gas is $4.11, more than 3 cents higher than a month ago and almost 20 cents higher than a year ago at this time.

The fact gas stations can now switch from the summer blend of gas to the lower cost winter blend should eventually bring prices down.

"I am looking for anything that lowers gas prices," said Gary Pendleton who was filling up his car at a Shell station in La Quinta.  "I don't care what blend they do. The average lay person, really doesn't mean anything to us.  All that really matters to us is what we're paying right there on the pump."

Gas stations don't start purchasing the lower cost winter blend of gas until their current inventories get low.

A number of factors are keeping gas prices high, including the tensions in the Middle East and refinery shutdowns due to Hurricane Isaac.

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