Garcia Makes Opening Statements in Lambert Murder Trial

Defendant provides roadmap to disprove evidence against him

The Clifford Lambert murder trialĀ is heatingĀ up. Today, defendant Daniel Garcia addressed the courtroom, with his opening statements. Garcia approached the podium with his Apple lap-top in hand, appearing to have computer problems before he even started. After some assistance, Garcia proceeded to address the jurors, poking fun at the prosecution's description of the case. Garcia says, "Saying this is something out of a Hollywood script or the mind of Martin Scorcese, I don't know if that's supposed to make me the gay Godfather or what, but you'll see a very different version of me, than what's being portrayed."

He presented himself as a well-traveled person, who had been leading a comfortable, happy life, before his arrest. Garcia says, "There is no motivation to kill someone for financial gain. My parents will be testifying about all the financial support they provide."

He went on to say the prosecution fell short proving the authenticity of text messages and outlined his plans to attack the technological evidence presented so far. He says, "Messages can be modified and placed back onto an i-Phone and it will be quite shocking to see just how easy that can be done."

After about 40 minutes, he concluded, by encouraging the jurors to submit questions, he promised to answer. He says, "I want to ensure that all of you are convinced that I was not a part of this alleged criminal enterprise. I was not part of a conspiracy to kill somebody for financial gain and I believe the evidence will undoubtedly show that. Thank you."

Garcia anticipates wrapping up his defense no later than August 20th.

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