French-Canadian Reality Show Films in Palm Springs

Local hotels and restaurants benefit from Reality T.V. Production

Canadian Reality Spotlights Palm Springs

"Occupation Double" is the number one T.V. show in Canada. It's described as a cross between The Bachelor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race, starring beautiful people, looking for true love.

Location Manager, Ron Davidson says, "Everybody wants to find love, experience romance and have their heart filled with that life experience and the manner in which they present this show, gives an opportunity to 7 men and 7 women, to seek out and see if that's right for them."

In the end, one couple will emerge as the winner, having found true love. In the past, it's filmed in Portugal, The Dominican Republic and British Columbia. Right now, the 9th season, is shooting in Palm Springs, and local businesses couldn't be happier. McLean Company Rentals helped secure the main properties, rented for the production. Kelly McLean says, "We have one property that was involved in the production and was used for the red carpet event. Our other properties are housing the host of the show and production managers. So, 5 properties in all."

Marquis Villas is the home away from home for the production crew, during the next 3 months. General Manager, Nick Gronkowski says, "We're talking over 3,000 room nights total for the entire production."

That also includes Canadian network reps, who are enjoying special discounts at local restaurants, as part of the deal. Davidson says, "They love to eat and they like their wine!"

Davidson, says in typical reality show fashion he can't reveal too many details at this time about the cast, date locations or whether or not love is blooming on set. You'll find out more, after the first episode airs, in 3 weeks. And don't expect to see the cast strolling down Palm Canyon. They can't make a move, without producer approval. Davidson says, "The crew, that's a different story. They're out and about in the community, enjoying the lifestyle that the city has to offer, which has been sweet and delicious to them, all at the same time.

Palm Springs is the perfect backdrop for one lucky couple, to utter those three little words, or in the language of love, "Je t'aime."

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