Free Taxi Service on 4th of July

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. -      2.3 million Southern Californians are are hitting the road as they travel to their 4th of July holiday destination. A local law firm is doing their part to make sure people get home safe.  

     The Walter Clark Legal Group is offering its "Safe Ride Home Taxi Program" for the 9th year and will pay American Cab, Desert City Cab and Yellow Cab of the Desert to give impaired drivers a free ride home to keep them off the road this holiday.

     "My goal is to provide another avenue for them to check their condition objectively so that they don't make that mistake," said Attorney Walter Clark.

     Kevin Henry, assistant manager at The Nest in Indian Wells thinks the program is great idea,"There is no reason for people to not take a cab even if they drove here and had some drinks then it's perfect for them to get a ride home."

     There are a few guidelines to this program, it's a one-way ride to a home or hotel, with a 15-mile maximum and riders will be responsible for the tip.

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