Free spay/neuter mobile clinic coming to the valley

Lucy Foundation offers free spay/neutering services

INDIO, Calif. - UPDATE: According to John Welsh with Riverside County Animal Services, spaying and neutering list is full, waiting list is long, but they will still take phone calls for future appointments when the foundation comes back to town. There is no scheduled date as to when they will return, but they will put you on a waiting list. People from anywhere in Riverside County can show up for free vaccinations and free microchipping on Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 2PM at the Indio Civic Center. The first 250 people to show up each day will be taken care of. After that, the line will be cut off and they won't take any more pets.

Due to  the high volume of calls, you can email the organization at: shelterinfo@rcdas.org.

A nonprofit organization is hoping to offer free spay/neutering services to 250 dogs per day this weekend through mobile clinics; the service will be offered in Indio.

Nancy Fuchs just moved to Indio with her spayed dog, Biscuit.

"I had to pay for the medications afterward to get him neutered , it cost maybe between $300 to $350 all together," Fuchs said. 

Her family didn't sterilize their dogs yet, though. 

"Between having regular kids and dogs, you have to take care of the kids first," she said. 

That's where the Lucy Pet Foundation comes in.

"We rescued Lucy. Lucy was alone in the mountains and my son actually found her. She was all gray and had tire marks on her," Lucy Pet Foundation founder Joey Herrick said. 

Lucy served as the motivation to give other dogs a happy ending like hers.

"Some cannot afford the $50, but do we want them to not have the benefit of having a pet, no. So if we all raise that money we can help spay and neuter those pets," Lucy Pet Foundation veterinarian Karen Doc Halligan said. 

The non-profit aims to reduce pet overpopulation through free mobile spay/neuter clinics,  including one in Indio this weekend. 

"I think it's great. There's a lot of animals here homeless, running around, it will bring a lot of animal control," Fuchs said. 

Founder Joey Herrick donated his own money toward this cause - and hopes to have these blue trucks all over the country.  

"There are too many dogs and cats going into the shelters. There are 80,000 dogs and cats a week [that] are put to sleep. I want to reduce those numbers going in so there are less animals getting euthanized,"

This weekend is a great start for the valley. You'll find the blue spay-neuter clinic at Indio civic center Friday and Saturday, offering surgeries, vaccinations, and micro-chipping - all free.  

Now Nancy's family, and others in the valley, can help their dogs. 

"Everyday you'll see a dog walking on the street. It's sad when they start getting over run. People cant take care of their animal so they let them run on the streets. It'll be a great opportunity for this county to get something started about that."

If you want your pet spayed or neutered this weekend, it's best to make an appointment. Call 760-343-3644 to do so. 

For the other services, such as micro-chipping and vaccinations, you can show up at Indio Civic Center on Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.  The organization can take care of the first 250 dogs each day. 

For more information about the Lucy Pet Foundation and to donate, go to lucypetfoundation.org.

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