Former Palm Springs Power player accused of rape

Former Palm Springs Power Baseball Player Accuesed of Rape

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - A college athlete in our valley for the summer now faces sexual assault charges. Trent Pell, a former Palm Springs Power baseball player is accused of allegedly raping a valley woman at a party.  

The criminal complaint filed on Monday, alleges that Pell, on June 16, 2014 "willfully and unlawfully" had an act of sexual intercourse with a female where "she was at the time unconscious of the nature of the act, said unconsciousness being known to said defendant." The woman is named only as "Jane Doe." The criminal complaint was filed with the Riverside County District Attorney's office.  It charges Pell with four felony counts including sexual assault with the intent to commit rape. 

The woman's father who did not want to be named, sent us this statement:

"What are my thoughts about this? It's a tragic event in our lives to say the least. To have just sat down to dinner and receive a call from a number I did not recognize. This person telling me that my daughter had just be raped and that I needed to come quickly. Nothing can prepare you for this. How could this happen to my daughter?  I tried to raise and prepare my children about the evils in life. That evil lurks everywhere. It waits for opportunity. The minute you let your guard down it steps in. Even among your so called friends evil things can happen. Even with as much warning evil stepped into our lives that day.

My daughter was at a large party with her friends. There were lots of people she did not know. She felt sick and had passed out in one of the rooms. That is when Evil, "Trent Pell", took his opportunity to rape my daughter. I am angry to say the least. I want justice for my daughter. I want Trent Pell arrested, tried and convicted for his violent and cowardly crime. I say cowardly crime because he raped a defenseless person.

My daughter is dealing with this everyday. She has good days and she has bad days. Sometimes angry and sad. Other times just silent. She wants Trent Pell held accountable. She can not believe that people have not turned him in knowing what he did to her.

She and I are most thankful for those that stepped in and saved and defended her that day. If they had not, God only knows what may have happened to her.

She and I are so thankful for the Indio Police Department and the District Attorney's Office for the professionalism in handling this violent case."

Pell is no longer on the Power's roster.  The president of the team, Andrew Starke sent us this: 

"The Palm Springs POWER does confirm that Trent Pell was released from the club for disciplinary reasons at the beginning of our season. In the past 11 years our organization has had over 500 players and coaches on our summer team and over 750 players and coaches in our winter league and we have never had any outside allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Assuming that criminal charges have been filed, as represented by the media, we do realize that Mr. Pell is presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law and we are going to let the legal system handle this matter."

The Indio police department who is handling this case with the DA's office, confirms there's a $500,000 warrant out for Pell's arrest, who according to the school's website, is going to be a senior at Oakland College in Rochester, Michigan. 

A court date will be set when Pell is taken into custody.  

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