Food trucks making way to Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - You know those times when you can't decide just what you're craving for dinner -  Mexican or Italian food? Say goodbye to them. 

"It's our first gathering since the ban has been lifted in December. I know people are really excited to taste the food and see what we have to offer," Reggie Cameron, one of the organizers of the first ever Food Truck Festival in Palm Springs, said. 

Next week, you'll see "Eat 'Em Up" and other food trucks back in action at the Modern Living Expo, but since the Riverside County Board of Supervisors lifted many restrictions on food truck operators, starting in April - where they go, who and what they serve -  is anyone's game.  

"You get the opportunity to taste a lot of different foods from different people. When you go to a restaurant you only taste one person's food, when you go to a food truck event, you have 8-10 different people you get to try their food and inspirations," Edward Alvarez Jr., owner of the Eat 'Em Up food truck said. 

If this story is catching your eye more than other stories, you may have an inner food truck operator in you, in which case, "They can message me at mycityeveryday.com. We have a lot of different vendors, everything from getting the truck to the wrap, to meeting health restrictions. They will do that starting April 9th and Riverside County will have a special process for that," Cameron said. 

Speaking of April, it's a month when thousands come to the desert from all over the world and Eat 'Em Up plans to have a hand in that. 

"Hopefully for Coachella. We hope to come out here for private catering for corporate sponsors. You could find us on the streets from Indio all the way to here," Alvarez said. 

Giving you a chance to have a meatball  and a taco...if you wanted. 

For more information on how to start your own foo truck, go to mycityeveryday.com. 

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