FlowRider lets you surf in the desert

"I just think it's so different and people have never tried it."

Wet 'n' Wild Flowrider

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Surf's up in Palm Springs! Did you ever think you'd hear those words in the desert?

""The only thing like it in the valley. Who else has surfing in the desert?" Wet ‘N' Wild general manager David Andrews said. 

Get ready to catch a wave at Wet 'N' Wild water park in Palm Springs. Eye On the Desert got an exclusive look at the new ride. 

"I just think it's so different and people have never tried it. That's what got me.  I was hooked right away," flowboarding professional Sean Silveira said. "It's basically a large engine pump submerged in water. It gets sucked into it and shot out over a bungee-like surface at three inches and its very high powered ride."

Watching the professionals do these jumps and tricks - admittedly pretty intimidating. Don't worry, unless you're here for a private party, you'll flowboard on your stomach or knees.

"It's not easy but if you try it, get out there, just get on there," Silveira said. 

"It's a great attraction. Put your skills to use during the week before you drive out to the beach on the weekend. Or maybe you never go to the beach just keep using this and get better and better," Andrews said. 

The ride is free with park admission. 

"It provides surfing anywhere you go. You can find them on cruise ships, the desert, even hotels and water parks have them," Adam Muller from FlowRider Inc. said. 


Some high thrill waves - you don't have to drive two hours to ride.  

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