Firewood blamed for oak pest found in dead Idyllwild tree

Invasive Goldspotted oak borer beetle larvae found in tree 40 miles from nearest infestation

IDYLLWILD, Calif. - An invasive beetle that attacks oak trees has been found in a California black oak tree in the Riverside County mountain town of Idyllwild.
The state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said Wednesday that the presence of the goldspotted oak borer was confirmed through DNA analysis of larvae extracted from under the bark of a recently killed tree.
The discovery is the first long-distance movement of the bug from a known infestation area 40 miles to the south in San Diego County, and officials believe it resulted from transportation of infested firewood.
The state forestry department urges the public to avoid transporting firewood outside the area where it is obtained.
The goldspotted oak borer is yet another concern for forests under siege by drought and bark beetle infestations.

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