Fencing Club celebrates major milestone

PALM DESERT, Calif. - On a special anniversary for the Desert Fencing Academy, we got an up-close-and personal view of the sport.

"It's like playing chess at 100 miles an hour. Its 80% mental, 20% movement. We are constantly thinking and moving. Thinking about what our opponent will do. Mind body. A great sport," Desert Fencing Academy owner Leslie Taft said. 

Fencing is physically challenging, but the Fencing Club has people of all ages. The youngest member is seven, the oldest is 81.

Another important number - 10. For the past decade, the Fencing Club has encouraged growth as a fencer and as a person. 

"In the ten years we have had junior Olympians, three national champions, and the kids actually go on to fence," Taft said. 

As the Desert Fencing Academy celebrates a rich history of teaching, there's a celebration of the sport as well.

"It's a fulfillment of playing a sport that was an original olympic event. To actually be able to hold a sword and do what they see in the movies," she said.  "Fencing is steeped in etiquette. There is a politeness. We salute each other shake hands, respect for your fellow fencer."

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