Father's Day with a special father figure

PALM DESERT, Calif. - As a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Desert, Nan Lanrose wants to show  her "littles" the good in the world.

"When Savannah was born, she was only one pound. She was premature. She has turned out to be just so intelligent and amazing," Nan said.

Nan's other "little", Violet, is in foster care, hoping to get adopted by the same woman who adopted Savannah.

Despite all the ways Nan has impacted the girls over the past few years, though, something is still missing.

"I'm not a man," she said.

If you ever wonder how much a father figure figures, look at the person in Nan's life who she says the girls really cling to.

"My son is 21. He is really great with kids," Nan said.

Just two minutes with Justin and the girls and you can see how they're drawn to him.

"It's special to think they see me in that light. It makes me want to do everything right to show them there are better things," Justin said.

Neither of the girls have ever known their dads. Through Nan's volunteerism, Justin has stepped into that role model.

"He gives them security and he is going to be there to help us, not that I'm incapable. But I want them to know it's ok to have a good male bonding experience," Nan said.

Especially on Father's Day, Nan made sure Savannah and Violet were not without a good man.

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