Fans take in World Cup Final at local bars

Fans take in World Cup Final at local bars

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - Talk about a match made in heaven. Germany took on Argentina in what some billed as a Pope vs. Pope World Cup Final. 

"I posted it on my Facebook.  I think it's hilarious but it's all in good fun," said Annette Padilla of San Francisco who watched the game at Babe's in Rancho Mirage.
In fact people around the world took to social media to chime in on the so-called "holy war" before and after the big match.

"One is rooting for Germany, one is rooting for Argentina and they're praying," Padilla said of the picture that went viral earlier this week. "Whose prayer will God answer? Hashtag awkward moment, hashtag Pope vs Pope."

And despite the U.S. and Mexico teams being eliminated earlier in the tournament, business was booming for the final match at Burgers and Beer in Rancho Mirage.
"The game started at 12 and people got here at 11 and they stayed for the whole game," said server Matthew Roy.

"It's very busy and I'm glad people enjoy it. They have TVs everywhere," said Ernesto Vazquez of Indio who went to Burgers and Beer for the match.

Germany defeated Argentina 1 to 0 in extra-time in what was one of the most exciting World Cups in recent history.
"Germany is no slouch, I've had respect for them throughout the entire tournament," Padilla said.

This is Germany's fourth World Cup win, and it's the first European team to win on South American soil.

"I hope soccer in this country will be taken more seriously," Vazquez said.

And now the countdown to the 2018 World Cup in Russia is on.

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