Family of Coachella shooting victim speaks out

Family of Coachella shooting victim speaks out.

COACHELLA, Calif. - The coroner identified the man shot and killed Wednesday night in Coachella as 25-year-old Martin Ramirez.  Sheriff's deputies found his body shortly after 7:15 PM in a neighborhood near Avenue 52 and Tripoli.  Ramirez's family and friends remained in shock about his death.  "He was the baby and we all loved him so much," said family friend Angelina Brambila Calderon.  

The family gathered Thursday to mourn and share their favorite memories of Martin.  "His laugh could be heard for miles," said Calderon.  "You'd be outside and be able to recognize, oh Martin's inside."

The memories turned to thoughts of how to cope with the loss of a brother, a son, a friend and a father.  "He has four beautiful kids out there and it hurts to even think about his kids are going to be raised without a father," said Calderon. 

A pain this family knows all too well.  In 2001, they lost of of Ramirez's brothers, also 25 years old, and also the victim of a shooting.  "No leads, no nothing, we don't know anything so of course this hurts more," said Calderon. 

While the family searches for the means to bury their beloved Martin.  They hope the community can help them find answers about who shot him. "You know for justice and for any people that saw anything, you know please come forward and say something," said Calderon. 

If you have any information about any of these crimes, call valley Crimestoppers at 760-341-STOP. You can remain anonymous and could be eligible for up to a $1000 reward. 

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