Ex L.A.P.D. Officer believed to be dead, but investigation and ID efforts continue

Christopher Dorner's I.D. found in burned rubble of Big Bear area cabin

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. - A string of events that ended with the death of the man believed to be a wanted ex-Los Angeles police officer started when he encountered a mother and daughter pair of housekeepers at a cabin in the mountains east of Los Angeles.
Family member Jay Hylton told KABC-TV the pair wasn't hurt. The Los Angeles Times reported the women surprised Dorner Tuesday, he tied them up and then fled in a purple Nissan.
The Times reported that one maid eventually broke free and called 911.
About a half hour later, the suspect got into gunfights with authorities, one of whom was killed, after barricading himself in a cabin where a charred body was found, along with Dorner's driver's license.
LAPD says its operations are back to normal, but a dozen or so law enforcement families remained under protective watches.

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