Eviction stopped at Oasis Mobile Home Park

THERMAL, Calif. -

Relief for 90 families in Thermal who were facing eviction when part of their mobile home park was slated for auction.  The owner of Oasis Mobile Home Park reached an agreement that would keep the park open, however it maybe too late for some families.

"We were all scared because of the children, us as adults we can take it, but children can't survive the cold," said resident Liliana Alcanta.

Alcanta says she is lucky she still has a place to call home. 

"There were people that were kicked out of their trailer and there were people that stayed in their cars with their children in the cold," said Alcanta.

Alcanta's home was one of 90 trailers caught in the middle of a messy divorce. 

"This has it's roots in the divorce proceeding between Mr. Lawson, a member of the Torres Martinez Tribe, a owner of the park; and his ex-wife.  Unfortunately the preceding got messy and the tenants got caught up in the mix as well," said attorney Blaz Gutierrez.

Part of Oasis Mobile Home park was to be auctioned off but residents enlisted the help of News Channel 3, CBS Local 2 News and California Rural Legal Assistance.

"We called somebody so we can all get together so we can all be united and make a difference," said Alcanta.

"It's a complicated matter because of the tribal jurisdictional lines, but a settlement was reached, the parties were able to reach a mutual agreement that resulted in the park not being closed," said Gutierrez.

Unfortunately the settlement came after some trailers where hastily moved.

"When they took out one trailer, the other half couldn't hold anymore and it broke and they put it in the trash," said Alcanta. It left that family without a home. 

"We are hopeful that the parties in the next 60 days while they are going to be drafting the actually terms of the agreement, do take into consideration those people who have been affected," said Gutierrez.

Residents no longer have to fear being evicted, but there is still plenty of work that needs to be done to raise the standard of living at the mobile home park.

"There is a lot of trash and the trailers don't work," said Alcanta.

"Unfortunately their options to move into alternative housing, low income or affordable housing are very very limited, the county simply does not have the funds to provide that type of housing," said Gutierrez.

Riverside County may not have an alternative place to live for these families, but it does have resources to help.  Call 211 for more information.  

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