Esther Williams to make splash on Palm Springs Walk of Stars

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Pete Voggenthaler remembers his friend, swimming and Hollywood star Esther Williams who died last week at the age of 91.

"Hollywood and Palm Springs are missing a great star," said Voggenthaler.

She is credited as one of the originators of synchronized swimming. To help the star shine forever in the city where she swam and once called home, he's diving in to have her name placed on the palm springs walk of stars.

"I'm passionate about getting her a star. All of the things she did for the film industry; underwater cameras, costumes and choreography," he said,

In a unanimous vote, the Palm Springs Walk of Stars board, granted his wish, but it comes with $10,000 dollar price tag.

"Esther Williams' star is well-deserved and long overdue," said Walk of Stars President Bob Alexander.

Before Williams passed, she autographed a portrait thanking the city for her recognition. Voggenthaler presented it to Alexander at the Palm Springs Tennis Club pool where the icon spent her time in the water.

Starring in two dozen movies, Williams won't be here to see her debut on Palm Canyon.

"She knew what we were doing. She appreciated the effort," said Voggenthaler.

"We honored some of the biggest stars of all time. Esther will take her rightful place."

Donations can be made to the Palm Springs Walk of Stars in Esther Williams' name.
Friends of hers hope to raise the funds and dedicate the star in August near her birthday.

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