DWA launches colorful campaign to reduce water use

'What's Your 20%?' Signs provide tips for customers to 'Get Yard Smart'

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - The Desert Water Agency has asked all of its customers to reduce their water use by 20%. To help drive that message home, the agency has launched a  colorful advertising campaign, placing signs in highly visible areas such as bus stops and billboards.

The signs provide helpful tips to assist customers in meeting the goal.

Using the tagline, 'What's Your 20%?', the agency is trying to hold the community accountable.

"We are very excited about the launch of our new campaign and are confident that our, 'What's Your 20%?' tagline will encourage our customers to re-examine their water use and take time to define the steps they are taking to cut back," said DWA Board President Craig Ewing.

The campaign reminds customers to 'Get Yard Smart' by installing DWA's free Smart Irrigation Controller that customizes irrigation systems based on climate, temperature and evaporation rate, officials said in a statement.

A customized irrigation system is something that can benefit every homeowner.

"Installing a Smart Irrigation Controller is a quick, easy and free step our customers can take to immediately reduce their water use by at least 15%, making the next 5% only a few short showers and a high-efficiency toilet away," Ewing said.

The colorful signs will also encourage customers to 'Check Your Sprinklers', 'Ditch your Grass', and 'Fix Your Leaks'.

Officials said repairing broken sprinklers, planting native landscaping and fixing leaks can significantly reduce both water use and water bills.

"Our community has already reduced water use by 20% since 2007," said Ewing. "DWA looks forward to working with our community and our partners to achieve this next 20%, which will not only help the governor achieve his goal, but it will also reduce the strain on our region's groundwater aquifer during these dry times and help ensure the reliability of this precious resource."

The DWA serves a 325 square-mile area, including parts of Cathedral City, outlying county areas, Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs.

For more information, visit the DWA's website. You can also download the Water Waster App.

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