Dust storm causes road closures, poor visibility

Dust storm causes road closures, poor visibility in the valley.

PALM DESERT, Calif. - Dust gusting through our valley early Thursday evening made for a shaky commute. Visibility dropped to near zero on many streets during the thick of the wind storm.

"We were driving over here from Classic Club to hit balls and we could feel it rocking the car," said Cindy Naval.

The strong and sudden blast made golfers at the College of the Desert driving range put their practice on hold.

"It added about 50 yard to our drives," said Stefano Walker.

The wind got so bad at one point, Palm Springs Police closed down Indian Canyon, Vista Chino and Gene Autry Trail as a safety precaution.

Viewers sent pictures of the dust storm from Rancho Mirage to Yucca Valley.

Outflow, or cool descending air, from convective showers over the San Jacinto mountains reached the ground in the Coachella Valley and spread out, generating the winds that kicked up the dust.

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