DUI checkpoints tonight in Indio, La Quinta

INDIO, Calif. -

Police and sheriff's deputies will check for drunken drivers and those without valid licenses at checkpoints in Indio and La Quinta tonight.

Indio police will screen drivers at an undisclosed location from 8 p.m. until Saturday at 2 a.m., and Riverside County sheriff's deputies in La Quinta will have a similar operation from 7 p.m. until Saturday at 3 a.m.

``The end of summer and Labor Day weekend is traditionally a time to have fun,'' sheriff's Cpl. Don Olson said. ``Don't let it turn into a time of tragedy or jail visit by driving impaired by alcohol or drugs. We will be out looking for those drivers making that unwise and dangerous choice.''

Both checkpoints are funded by federal highway administration grants administered by the state Office of Traffic Safety.

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