Downtown construction gives Palm Springs businesses boost

Downtown construction gives some Palm Springs businesses boost

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Spring breakers and snowbirds fill the sidewalks of downtown Palm Springs.

With construction on the old Desert Fashion Plaza and Measure J improvements well underway, the west side of Palm Canyon remains fenced off between the Forever Marilyn statue and the Hyatt. The city created a makeshift walkway for people to safely cross the street.

Palm Springs Treasures women's boutique and Tinder Box cigar shop are happy it's diverting people their way.
"It directed traffic right to us. And now they are coming down the side and they're dumping right into us," said Lonny Whittington, manager of Palm Springs Treasures.

"Until everything is up, they can't walk over there. The businesses over here seem to be profiting a little bit more from it," said Tinder Box employee Katherine Hunsaker.

Even visitors said it's positive for the east side of the street.

"I suspect it is because we'd be normally walking on that side of the street, so I think it's got to be good for stores on this side," said Gerry Ghikas of Canada.
The owner of Teez Me clothing store said that's not the case for her. Once people cross at Andreas Road, they head south toward the Marilyn statue and away from her shop.

Meantime, Hunsaker welcomes the detour across the street.

"They're coming this way. It's been a little better for us. The construction has been noisy but we can't say we don't mind the business," said Hunsaker.

"We're feeling the traffic. It's busy and we're happy to be busy everyday," said Whittington.

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