Donation helps shelter dogs find comfort and homes

Donation helps shelter dogs find comfort and homes

THOUSAND PALMS, Calif. - Janet Litton volunteers at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms. 

"I've always just loved dogs," said Litton.

Her puppy love inspired her to enter the Shelter Me Video Contest, sponsored by PetSafe. The nationwide competition calls on the public to submit videos they've made to promote adoption, fostering, spay/neuter, donating and volunteering at animal shelters. Litton's video was picked as one of three winner.

"It's actually about the idea of adopting," said Litton. "It's just kind of done from the dogs point of view like... we're good dogs, don't overlook us, it's much better to adopt than to go to a pet store and buy a dog." 

Her winning video granted her $2,000 in prize money. With that money, Litton purchased special dog beds and donated them to the shelter.

"They are made out of molded plastic so they're really hard and durable," said Litton. They have holes on the bottom so the staff can wash them and clean them very easily and that really is important because if it's not easy for the staff it's not going to get used because it's just so time consuming." 

According to Litton, the beds also help the dogs find their forever homes.

"They look cuter in their little beds and people can see them in beds and kind of realize this dog can be in my house, he's not barking, he's not going crazy." added Litton. 

It's help that would not be possible without Litton's donation. 

The shelter is also in need of blankets and towels for the dog beds. If you want to donate, dropping the items off at the shelter is the easiest way to do so. Click here for the address and to find more information on the Coachella Valley Animal Campus. 

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