Dogs help students prepare for finals

Dogs help students prepare for finals

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - Finals mean quiet halls, as students get as ready as possible. Some like study groups, some focus alone. Others choose to do this.
Animal Samaritans brought therapy dogs to Marywood-Palm Valley School to help students de-stress during final exams.

"We wanted to reduce the anxiety of our students on test taking day for finals. A lot of these students have just come off of taking advanced placement testing, so with all that going on, we wanted to give them an atmosphere where they can take a breath, calm down, and relax."

Senior Jena Farley says she needs calm before her english and physics finals.

"Not cramming before. I have to just stop and not think about it. Listening to music, or dogs."

Soft to the touch, cute to look, and, "They will lower they're stress level. It's a scientific fact that when you do pet a dog, you're blood pressure will go down."

"We know for instance people going in for an outpatient surgery, if they can pet a dog for 20 minutes, they find they can relieve stress levels as much as 37%. That has been measured."

The exams started at ten o'clock and most students get to school early to study. They had a chance to come here with the dogs and de-stress.

"It is in your mind, and if you're not in a good mental state, you're not going to do well on the exam,"
Who knew man's best friend can be man's best test-taking tool.

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