DHS City Manager finalist for county job in Oregon

Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels is looking for a new job.  According to the newspaper "The Oregonian," Daniels is a finalist for the county administrator position in Clackamas County. The article lists him as one of three finalists that the public can meet at a public reception on July 17. Here is a link to the story:


The news comes in the midst of a "bullying" investigation that is costing the city of Desert Hot Springs nearly $80,000.  An outside attorney is investigating claims from Daniels that council members Russell Betts and Adam Sanchez are "bullying" him.  City attorney Steve Quintanilla told us the preliminary investigation is complete and that he will be going over the report with the outside attorney. Quintanilla said he does not expect the results to be released to the public or media until at least the first week of August.

We reached out to Mr. Daniels for comment.  The auto-reply on his e-mail says he is out of the office and on vacation until July 22, 5 days after his meet-and-greet in Clackmas County.

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