Desert Water Agency discusses emergency drought measures, approves turf buyback

PALM SPRINGS, Cali. - Despite Governor Brown's pleas to conserve during the ongoing severe drought, California's water use continues to rise.

Emergency regulations for mandatory water conservation are being considered today by the state water resources control board.

If the state approves the proposed emergency regulations for mandatory water conservation, area residents and water agencies would be required to implement several restrictions on August 1st.

Regulations include prohibiting the washing of hard surfaces, watering landscapes that runoff into adjacent properties, using a hose without a shut-off nozzle to wash cars, and using a water feature that does not recirculate the water.

Violators could be issued an infraction with a fine of up to $500.

The Desert Water Agency met this morning to discuss how they would enforce the regulations, since they do not currently have the authority to issue infractions.

"We're going to look at administrative fines which are within our ability but we have to do some new law making to bring in administrative fines," says DWA Board of Directors President Craig Ewing. "And the other one is to just publicize that. Let people know themselves that they're violators."

The board discussed turning off water service in extreme cases where violators did not correct their infractions.

The Desert Water Agency also approved it's turf buy back program at it's meeting, which will begin on August 1st.   


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