Desert Hot Springs clips angel wings on woman's religious drawings

City deems angel painting too religious

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - You can spot colorfully cultural paintings on utility boxes along Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs.

Artist Yudit Ecsedy, of Desert Hot Springs, has been painting angels since the 80's and hoped she could paint her drawings on some of the bare boxes. She submitted five pieces to the city's Community and Cultural Affairs Commission hoping her angels would wow and help uplift her town that's creeping out of a financial hole.

"It would be an essence of a relationship, and essence of healing and beauty. I thought it would be wonderful for the city," said Ecsedy.

However, when she presented her five drawings to the City Council, some members and local Pastor Paul Miller warned otherwise.

"It got big time rejected, even judged," she said.

Council member Russell Betts said people in the community stressed concerns about the angels being too religious and rather than spark religious controversy, the council sent all but one of her drawings back to the Community and Cultural Affairs Commission to reconsider.

"They don't want art of the town to cause an uproar and problems," she said.

Kathy Loughead at the Christian Center of DHS can understand why.

"Unfortunately, many people don't want to see anything with religious kind of background. It's not surprising it was turned down," said Loughead.

The artist said wings or not, the idea of transforming the utility boxes into works of art is to beautify the city and inspire the people.

To avoid problems, Ecsedy is erasing the wings, creating new designs and plans to resubmit her work at the next City Council meeting.

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