Deputy smashes car window to rescue 2 dogs

Animal Control: Temperature inside car measured 134 degrees

INDIO, Calif. - Two dogs were left inside a hot car near a court building in Indio Monday afternoon. A Riverside County sheriff's deputy rescued the dogs by breaking out the windows of the vehicle, authorities said in a release.

The incident happened at about 2:15 p.m. at the Larson Justice Center.

Animal Control officers were on hand as the deputy shattered the window. Officers rushed the two terrier mixes to a nearby veterinary hospital. They said the temperature inside the Smart car was 134 degrees.

Animal Control Officer Gerald Duchene said the dogs drank water immediately. Both dogs are doing fine.

Animal Control officers said it's unlawful to leave an animal inside a vehicle unattended, under conditions that could endanger the health of the animal due to heat, or cold, or lack of adequate ventilation.

The owner of the dogs will be cited according to California state law.

"Anyone in their right mind should know that you don't leave an animal in a car on a day like today," said Riverside County Animal Services Commander Rita Gutierrez.

It's unknown how long the dogs were inside the car by themselves, but temperatures in the Coachella Valley were nearing triple digits when officers made the discovery.

The end result is comforting news following a tragic story earlier this month when a CHP officer made a grisly discovery when a dog died after being left in a hot car in Coachella.

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