CVUSD releases statement on firings, student walkouts


Coachella Valley Unified School District released a statement this afternoon regarding this week's firings of two principals and one vice-principal. The statement fails to mention today's news of West Shore High School's principal losing his job.

The statement reads:

In response to some inquiries this morning for some follow-up information from last night's Board meeting, please consider the following:

Board Action on 3-14-2013:

The Board of Trustees of the Coachella Valley Unified School District from time to time has difficult issues placed before them. They deliberate, discuss and make decisions based upon the best interest of the District's students, families and the District overall. Our sole mission continues to be the preparation of all students for College, Career and Citizenship. The Board took the following action last night regarding District administrators:

-The Board voted 7-0 to reassign Mecca Elementary Principal to Certificated Teacher

-The Board voted 6-1 to reassign Coachella Valley High School Principal to Certificated Teacher

-The Board voted 7-0 to reassign an Elementary Assistant Principal to Certificated Teacher

-The Board voted 7-0 to release from probationary employment a Desert Mirage Assistant Principal

-The Board accepted the resignation of the Desert Mirage High School Principal.

Student Concerns Regarding Discipline:

There are no plans to discipline students for the walkout on 3-14-2013. Although their actions were not sanctioned activities, we continue to support student voices but at the same time do not want student safety and/or education to be compromised.  We encourage our students to work with school administration to develop other means to express their voices in the future.

The following message was provided by our automated calling system to student families via phone prior to yesterday's activities: 

Ed-Connect Phone call to Parents:

"Good evening.

This is a message from Coachella Valley Unified School District.  We want to inform you that there is talk about students protesting through walkouts this week.  We are concerned about their safety and want to inform you that Compensatory Education requires that students be in school during school hours.  If students are out due to truancies, protests etc. they could lose their student privileges and/or face disciplinary action.  We ask that you please speak with your child about the possible consequences and help us avoid a dangerous situation."

UPDATE: CVUSD is saying that the principal at "another school" (they would not say which one) resigned on his own today. This conflicts with a report coming from the high school, saying the principal was fired. We will update you as this story develops.

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